Aerate a Composting Pile

Aerate your pile is crucial since aerobic bacteria need oxygen to be alive. They use up oxygen quickly while decomposing organic matters. Without sufficient oxygen, the process slows.

To aerate your composting pile, you can shovel your pile inside out, and upside down. The physical job will burn more than 300 calories per hour. For a hot composting pile, you will need to turn it every three days. If you don't want to turn it so frequently, there are still clever ways to promote aeration.

1. Wooden Shipping Pallet

Set up a wooden shipping pallet on the bottom. Then, layer larger, woody branch trimmings or corn stalks at the bottom of the pile.

Lay a shipping pallet under your composting pile can help the airing the bottom of pile

Set up a Shipping Pallet at the bottom

2. PVC pipe

Drill holes on a PVC pipe. Stick it into the midst of the pile.

Drill holes on a PVC pipe and stick it to the composting pile


3. Roll of Hardware cloth

Or wrap a hardware cloth as a cylinder, stick it to the composting pile

To aerate the composting pile, use drilled PVC pipe and hardware cloth. Stick it to your composting pile, letting more air in

Sticking a PVC pipe or roll a hardware cloth in the midst of pile to promote aeration

4. Compost Crank

Without laborious turning, you can still aerate the pile with this decent tool. Many composter love their compost crank.

How to Use compost crank to aerate a composting pile?

Using compost crank to aerate the pile: