How iComposter works?

Just put your daily food scraps into the machine, after two weeks you can harvest fresh compost. 



1. iComposter takes food scraps any time, everyday. It uses the hot composting method by aerating, turning and heating the ingredients to decompose them. The chamber reaches 60 degree Celsius so the compost is pathogen free.   

2. The compost will be ready in 14 days. Guarantee succeed!

3. It takes the space no bigger than a dining chair. 

4. Compost dairy, meat and seafood, producing nitrogen-rich compost.  

5. Size : 42cm *43cm * 57cm ; Weight :14kg

What to compost :

What NOT to compost :


The machine emits the air from the chamber twice a day, in order to control the temperature and moisture. Depending on what you put in, the air might smell like vinegar. If you set the machine indoors, to solve this issue, just hook the pipe on the window. 

iComposteur produce fresh compost from your kitchen scraps. It reduces your waste. Your compost is pathogen free because the compost inside the chamber is cooked up to 70 degree celsius.You can use the compost in your garden and even grow organic vegetables.