Don't leave used coffee pods at home until they get moldy!

PodCut™ allows you to dispose of a capsule in seconds without having to see moldy capsules at home!

【Applicable capsule size】 Nespresso Original Line.
【Color】red, blue,
【Material】 ABS.
【Weight】 15g.
【Multinational Patents】Yes.

Benefits of Using PodCut™

1. Utilize the recycling mechanism of existing iron and aluminum cans, which can be recycled after being used at home.

2. Do not keep coffee capsules into mold.
3. Do not put the coffee capsules in the refrigerator for fear of mold.
4. Anyone can open a pod in a second.
5. Coffee grounds can be reused for composting.
6. No need to make a trip to the Nespresso store, saving time and reducing driving and carbon footprint. 7. No need to send it to the post office.
8. You can still take the capsules to the Nespresso store to collect points for prizes, no conflict. 9. Don't throw away capsules with guilty feelings.
10. And it’s healing to open a pod with a smart tool.

PodCut™ is easy to operate and can be completed in four steps

Step 1: Press the capsule against the PodCut™
Step 2: Turn the capsule against the PodCut™
Step 3: Remove the aluminum foil cover
Step 4: Scoop out the coffee grounds with a spoon

The ingenuity of PodCut™ design

Small, easy to store, bright colors, easy to find

It is small in size, you don't need to find a place for it. Just put it in the drawer of the kitchen counter, and put it together with other kitchen utensils. And his color is very bright, easy to find.

Strong and lightweight

The material is ABS, same as Lego, so it is strong, and weigh only 15 grams, effortless to operate.

Easy to hold, very comfortable to hold

The base is arc-shaped, which is very comfortable to hold in the palm, and the disc is thickened, it is easy to operate.

Safe to use

There are four integrally formed triangular arc-shaped cutting pieces in the disc, which feel prickly to the touch, but because they are built into the groove of the disc, they will never be touched when held in the hand, except for safety , It also improves the life of the product.

Hole in the middle can be hung, and sometimes the aluminum foil cover can be pushed out

There is a hole in the middle of the base. I thought it was designed to be convenient for hanging on the display wall or to save materials. After using it, I realized how ingenious it is! Sometimes the aluminum foil will get stuck on the cutting disc. At this time, you can gently push her out with your fingers.

Beveled edge, easy to slide the capsule into the chassis

There is a beveled edge on the inside of the base groove, and the coffee capsule will slide into the cutting disc with almost no alignment during use.

Spoon, scoop out coffee grounds in one move

There is a spoon attached to the cutting base, so that after cutting the aluminum foil cover, the action of digging out the coffee grounds can be completed in one go without effort. And the size of this spoon is just right for a capsule.

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