Two smart ways to dry your hoodies

Energy is getting more expensive, do you still use dryer? For money's sake, I rarely use dryer. I always air dry my cloths.  

If you have outdoor space, air dry cloths can save money and the cloths last longer, too. Air dry is a gentler way to keep fabric soft and shrink-free also the color stays brighter. 

However, some cloths, like hoodies, when you air dry them, it takes longer to dry because the hood dangles and clogs at back of the sweat. When the sweat is dry, the hood is still wet.

How to air dry hoodies?
The hood always dangles at the back of the hoodie sweat. When you air dry it, the hood stays wet

I happened to find good way to dry the hoodie sweat. If you have a drying rack like this, put your hoodie at the end of the rod, and then you can put the hood up.

If you have a drying rack like mine, you can put the hood up


However, if your drying rack is not this type, I also found a new product, drying hanger for hoodie. It works with any type of hanger, simply add any hanger on it, and clip the hood.

Hoodies hanger for drying
This is a hanger specifically for drying hoodies

To use this hanger, just hook the wet hoodies on it. 

Drying hanger for hoodies

And clip the hood. The clip will hold the hood in place. 

The clip can open up the hood and keep it in place

It opens up the hood, and hold it in place. So your hoodie can be evenly dried in the air.

The hood won't clog anymore. Now the whole sweat is dry

I ran a test on this product. My very thick favorite hoodie sweat. I rarely wash it because it's hard to get dry. The smart hanger works well. Now when the sweat is dried, the hood is not wet anymore.



  1. but if you hang like that the shoulder part of the hoodie will be stretch

  2. Oh in fact, the pink thing works pretty well. I didn't see the shoulder part getting stretched.