How to recycle used Aluminum Coffee Capsule (Without going to the Nespresso Store)?

The pile of used coffee capsules grows big everyday. It makes me anxious. Do you have a pile of used nespresso capsules in the corner of your kitchen? It’s hard to ignore them because they are so bright.

Nobody wants you to open the capsule, it may hurt you. Don’t look inside the capsule, it may bug you. You don’t want to see these used coffee pods? Good, just bring them to the Nespresso flagship store, “Recycle” these used pods and Get A New Box of Capsule.

Nespresso spent millions of dollars marketing its Recycle Project because they know you care about it

So we invented this cutter-scoop. You can open the used coffee pods, easily get out of the used coffee grounds and throw away the aluminum capsules in your home recycle bin. Don’t wait until you go to the Nespresso store because the used coffee grounds rot. Mold will catch on the coffee grounds, you certainly don’t want to have them in your kitchen.

Coffee ground is a source of nitrogen for composting. If you compost at home, add the coffee grounds in your composting pile as nitrogen.

The Pros of PodCut Cutter-Scoop:

1 . Dishwasher Safe
2 . You can open a coffee capsule in just one second.
3 . It’s very safe. No worries of getting cut, so you can have your kids use it, open the pod, scoop out the coffee ground, and throw away the capsules. It can be fun !
4 . Don’t have to make any trip to the Nespresso store just to get rid of the used pods because you can dump them into your home recycle bin.
5 . Enjoy the feeling of Well-Done !

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