I invested in a compost tumbler, but...

Tumbler composter is a rotating compost bin that allows you to easily turn upside down. Its capacity is usually smaller than a rectangle compost bin. You need to know that decomposition works most efficiently when the pile size is about 1 cubic meter. However, most tumblers are smaller than that because otherwise, they will be impossible to turn! So, the decomposing process usually takes longer than three months inside a tumbler.  

My experience with compost tumbler isn't that good. The manufacutrer started to make tumblers having two compartments. For money's sake, I chose it. This one cost me 80 euros in Amazon. Now it's 130 euros. The photo below is a two-compartment tumbler. Each chamber has even smaller capacity. Remember, compost pile must be close to one cubic meter to retain the heat. Otherwise, the process will take more than three months or it never finish. 

Compost tumbler makes turning easily. But it is bulky, heavy and having relatively small capacity. You can't do "Hot composting" inside because it's too small to retain the heat. So the pile it holds doesn't require much oxygen.It's meaningless to turn it. Also you can't put in your daily food scraps in either.
Tumbler has generally smaller capacity, which causes the process slow or never finish

Three months after I started my compost pile in this tumbler, there were some small flies around but still not too bad. I opened the tumbler and still saw my food scraps, suggesting the magical  decomposition isn't happening. I also saw a germinating seedling. Probably from an apple seed. I was just not brave enough to get everything out and admit my mistake of purchase. The tumbler and my slow-going composting pile are still sitting on my balcony.  


Pros about a compost tumbler:

1Frequent turning is easy with a tumbler. 

2. Looks neat.

3. No odor, no leaching

4. If you live in an apartment but still want to compost, it’s easy to set up and turn.  


1. It’s usually more expensive than a bin because it has more complicated structure. 
2. Even though you can easily turn and provide oxygen to the composting mass with a rotating compost bin, you still need to add all ingredients at once, which is inconvenient for people who cook and generate food waste everyday. 
3. Compost tumbler is generally bulky, there are also heavy duty, lifetime warranty options. A lifetime rotating compost bin weighs 20 kg, a double one weighs 40 kg. 

4. Even they are so heavy and bulky, the capacity of a compost tumblers is usually smaller than a compost bin.  
5. It takes a long time to complete the process, more than three months. Some gardeners also question if compost tumbler really works for decomposition, including me.