Composting with iComposteur

iComposteur makes composting easy. You are hosting a composting pile without problems.

If you are like me, your dream of sustainable living might be:  

1. Reduce wastes

2. Eat Local

3. Enjoy your garden and nature

4. Save money on fertilizer and soil amendment 

5. Emit less carbon 

So you decide to compost. To start a classic composting pile, you need to :

Step 1. Collect food wastes, fallen leaves and branches to build a big composting pile (otherwise it won't work...)

I know the pain. To start a classic composting pile, you need to collect food wastes, fallen leaves, grass clippings, branches and paper....and have enough of them to be a minimum 1 cubic meter in volume! How can you have so much food scraps? unless you live on a farm or cook for 10 people for weeks! Or are you comfortable asking neighbors for their food scraps? 

Composting relies on thermophilic bacteria who need to work at 60~70 degree Celsius. Bacteria give out heat when they decompose. The 1 cubic meter size of composting pile is for retaining the heat. Keeping the heap at 60~70 degree
A composting pile must be at least 1 cubic meter big or it won't retain the heat and will work slowly or never finish

Our Solutions (worth €100): 

No need to handle your food scraps. Since 95% of food scraps from your kitchen are compostable in iComposteur, except for meat bones, crab shells, coconut shells.

Newspaper, bones, coconut shell, woods and crab shell are not compostable in iComposteur. They will breakdown the machine.

Never again keep food scraps in the kitchen corner until they get smelly. You can dump food wastes everyday in iComposteur up to 2kg. iComposteur processes food scraps anytime.  

No need to scavenge leaves and branches to reach the minimum 1 cubic meter composting pile. 

No need to worry about space. iComposteur take a space as small as 42cm*43cm*57cm indoors. 

The size of iComposteur is 42cm  by 43cm by 57cm(long*width*high)


Step 2. Start a composting pile 

Composting pile works more efficiently if you chop everything in small pieces for bacteria decomposing quickly. And then you need to mix them or layer them with the right carbon to nitrogen ratio (3:1 by volume or 30:1 by weight). Build a 1m*1m*1m heap with these ingredients.Water them delicately. Not being dry but not too wet so that it won't push out the oxygen. 

Bacteria use enzyme to decompose food scraps, so the large surfaces areas will speed up the decomposition work of bacteria.
When you start a composting pile, chop everything into small pieces or it will never finish 

Our Solutions: (worth €200)

No extra efforts to chop because your food scraps are already chopped before you cooked them.

No need to exhaust yourself by sorting, measuring the ingredients and calculate the carbon and nitrogen ratio. iComposteur takes exclusively food scraps, which contain most sources of nitrogen as natural fertilizer.

No need to construct a big pile with food scraps and organic matters.  

Don't need to water the compost because iComposteur automatically adjusts the moisture in the chamber by controlling the aeration and temperature. 

iComposteur can take up to 2 kg of food scraps everyday. Quickly turn them into humus.
Dump your daily food scraps into iComposteur up to 2kg/Day

Step 3. Work on your composting pile by turning, hiding and tendering it constantly 

After constructing the big composting pile, you need to turn it every few days. You need to constantly check the moisture. If it is too dry, you need to water it professionally to the right moisture just like a water-saturated sponge. You will need to cover the pile if it rains. You need to hide the pile from mean neighbors and smart rats. If there are flies around, you will need to work extra to bury the food scraps deep inside the pile. How much is your physical work worth of?

Our Solutions: (worth €300)

No physical work or skill or composting expertise when you use iComposteur. The only thing you need to do is wait for 14 days and keep dumping your daily food scraps. 

Just wait and relax while iComposteur cook your compost

No worries about flies, rats, animals, weather traveling and complaints from neighbors. 

Step 4. Wait for 14 days ~3 months 

If everything you have done is right, your composting pile will be finished cooking in 14 days using the hot method or 3 months using the cold method.  How much is your time worth?

Our solutions: (worth €300)

14 days is the shortest time documented for finishing cooking compost. iComposteur uses the energy no more than a flouorescent tube, sensing the micro-environment in the chamber and controlling the moisture, temperature and regularly turns to favor the activities of bacteria. 

iComposteur doesn't waste energy heating, drying up or grounding the food scraps, have them loose original shapes to make you believe this is compost. Yet they don't have any fertility. Inside the chamber of iComposteur, it's the bacteria who decompose food scraps and you get the fresh and moist compost still full of living beneficial bacteria. When being applied to soil, they will revive your soil food webs. 

When compost is ready, it's convenient to take it out from the chamber


Step 5. Taking the risk of failure and cause trouble to the neighbors

Composting takes physical work, scientific knowledge and self-discipline. There is a chance of failure and it's quite high for beginners. You may be wondering if your composting pile is going to be finished or not. Your efforts and time be paid off or not? 

You can get bugs, animals around your composting pile. I personally hate seeing maggots in my composting pile. After having iComposteur, I don't worry about maggots anymore.

Our solutions: (worth €300)

No need to live with uncertainty! Because no human activities are involved, iComposteur is going to compost your food scraps in 14 days. Like Air fryer or blender, you throw in the ingredients and take out the finished product. It's nearly impossible to fail. Guarantee!

iComposteur gives you humus, not compost, not rotten food, not dry grounded carbon.

So The total value of this offer is :

€100+ €200+ €300+ €300+ €300=€1200 

Now only €599 exclude TVA