How to set up iComposteur indoors?

The setting of iComposteur is extremely easy. It only takes 6 minutes. When you get your iComposteur, it comes with four cushion feet, a bag of sawdust and a pack of beneficial bacteria.

When you receive your iComposteur,  1 Bacteria pack, 4 cushion feet, 1 hose and 1 pack of sawdust come with it.

Attention: Never use icomposteur indoors without ventilation!

Insert 4 cushion feet into the hole at the bottom by hand

Connect the hose

Fix the outlet toward the window

Successfully connect the hose from machine to the window

Put on your glove

Open the bag of sawdust

Pour the sawdust into the tank

Open the pack of microbe

Add the microbes

Then add 1000c.c water into the tank

The tank should look like this

Now we plug it

Wait for 24 hours, let the microbes start growing. Then we can start adding food scraps. In the future, as long as you keep adding food scraps at least once a week, they will grow in the tank. You don't need to buy new microbes. Isn't that good?